Our knowledgeable administrative staff, reliable subcontractors and experienced project managers ensure impeccable and timely completion of each construction endeavor.

We are not a contracting company in a conventional sense. In addition to expertly handling the technicalities, financial and mechanical issues inherent in our profession, we insist on creating a positive experience for our customers. The emphasis on their well being forms the basis of our unique philosophy. We believe that "chemistry" and mutual trust are necessary ingredients in, what we consider, a successful business undertaking.

Consequently, our reputation extends well beyond high quality construction. As evidenced by the testimonials, not only have we been creating beautiful homes, our customers have become our raving fans. Their gratitude is the most rewarding aspect of what we do.

Custom Home Building, Historical Restorations
and Renovations for over 30 Years.


Step 1 | We will set up an interview during which we will ask you to show us the plans, specify the budget you are planning to allocate to the project and, if applicable, share with us what other companies you might be considering. Having had vast experience in assessing both technical and financial aspects of residential construction we will be able to give you a preliminary estimate.

Step 2 | Assuming we are compatible, this step will give you an opportunity to see our other projects and talk to previous customers. Our clients are the source of the most valuable information, as they will address any concerns or questions you might have from the most relevant perspective - your own.

Step 3 | By now you will have a clear sense of our company's unique philosophy that sets us apart from others. If you decide to continue with us, we will sign a pre-construction agreement. We will provide a detailed breakdown of all the project's components, identify allowances and determine a schedule with a completion date. In addition, we will suggest the most effective methods to ensure that you will obtain the best return on your construction investment, be it of financial, esthetic or emotional nature.