Why should you choose Greg D'Angelo Construction Inc. as your general contractor?

Greg D'Angelo Construction is a reputable company with wonderful employees to assist you in any construction endeavor you wish to undertake. Each member of our team is knowledgeable and eager to ensure your satisfaction with the end result. Greg D'Angelo has been in construction, dealing with its inherent challenges, for 30 years. His dedication to the building profession remains unwavered and he still gets genuinely excited when each new phase of a project begins. Monika Zasada, will spare no effort to find the most suitable approach for your unique needs. We simply enjoy what we do and take pride in it. You can rest easy knowing that your happiness as our client, is our priority.

How do you know whether the subcontractors we utilize are reputable?

Greg D'Angelo Construction only associates itself with companies of impeccable reputation. We are aware that poor craftsmanship, unacceptable materials and irresponsible people would reflect unfavorably on us. Therefore, we choose not to conduct business with these companies and seek only those who share our deep commitment to the quality and unsurpassed customer care we demand of ourselves. The subcontractors we use are professionals whom we have cultivated relationships with over many years. They are honest and genuinely care about their work and the finished product. In short, they embrace our company's philosophy and respect our values.

What if you don't have an architect?

Over the years Greg D'Angelo Construction has developed strong relationships with select architects. We would be happy to recommend them to you. We are familiar with their work ethics, style and ability to translate your intangible visions and desires into professional construction drawings. Their expertise and guidance will make you comfortable during this process. Each architect has their own unique way to understand what is most important to you, thereby helping to make your project a memorable and effortless experience.

How much of the client's time is required during the construction process?

We encourage your participation in the process, although the degree of your involvement is entirely your decision. With or without any effort on your part, we will ensure that your vision is precisely executed at each stage of construction. Our ability to listen and understand your needs will put your mind at ease. Should you wish, we will walk through the project with you at each consecutive phase to answer questions or address any concerns that you may have.